A book about the winds of change has become the topic of this year’s One Book project at the Kern County Library. 

Every fall the library picks a theme and a novel to focus on, inviting everyone in the community to join in.
The book this year is “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer.  
The true story is set in Malawi and is about a boy’s dream to build a windmill and his will to overcome crippling adversity to change his community.
“We are now listening to the author who is talking about how we can use our words to aspire and inspire and to propel ourselves toward success,” said Jasmin Lobasso of the Kern County Library. 

There will be discussions and events focusing on the book through November, culminating with a visit from the author on October 30 at CSUB.
The book is available at all branches of the Kern County Library. There is also a picture book called “One Plastic Bag” that focuses on the same theme, so kids can be part of the discussion.