Man feeds hungry with money raised by recycling


Union Avenue is an area of town most people try to avoid.

It’s an area rampant with prostitution, drugs and poverty.

It’s an area of town that needs attention.

“I think a lot of times we go out through life and we forget that there is a lot of need in our community.  There’s people who are very hungry.  We people sometimes who as soon as we give them a bag of food, they’re opening that bag up and they’re eating it.  We forget people are hungry,” said Veronica Hanish, Executive Director at the Dream Center. 

David Wyatt is trying to eliminate that hunger. 

“Our goal and mission is to feed the homeless in the community and to reach as many people as we can by doing so,” said David Wyatt, founder of Reaching by Recycling. 

It’s an idea he calls “Reaching by Recycling.”

“It gives us an opportunity to reach out to those that a lot of times are forgotten about,” Wyatt said.

Donations of cans, bottles and more turn into money that goes toward food.

“Most people don’t recycle and honestly prior to this I didn’t even recycle,” Wyatt said.

California has what’s called a “bottle bill” which requires recycling facilities to pay between 5 and 10 cents per recycled aluminum can.

1,000 recycled cans at 10 cents per can could equal $100 per week.

For every dollar donated most non-profits can provide 5-10 meals for those in need. 

Which means $100 in recycling could provide 1,000 meals to hungry people in our community. 

“The idea that we could turn this trash basically into treasure,” Wyatt said. 

Ounces and pounds of help everyone can weigh in on. 

“We obviously can and will take monetary donations but this is a way for people that may not have a lot of money, this is a way for them to get involved,” Wyatt said. 

Reaching by Recycling also hopes to one day open a recycling center on Union Avenue.

“Our vision, our continuing vision is to open up a recycling center that is self sustaining,” Wyatt said, “because at the same recycling center we’re going to be able to offer sack lunches to those customers that are in the streets.”

Helping our community in more ways than one, minimizing pollution and maximizing love.

“Jump on board with us and really help us move forward with out vision.  I promise you won’t be disappointed,” Wyatt said. 

Wyatt is currently searching for property on Union Avenue to open the Reaching by Recycling facility. 

If anyone would like to donate land or help the non-profit secure a piece of property, call: 661-578-3467 or email Wyatt at

Recyclable items can be dropped off at Discovery Church, 7103 White Lane, Bakersfield, CA 93309, during church hours on Sunday mornings.

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