Local girls spending their summer cleaning out closets, giving back to the community


Two local girls are cleaning out closets in the community and donating unwanted clothes to those in need.

Ashlee Kresha, 12, and her cousin Alexis Kresha, 15, the girls started by cleaning out their own closets, then moved to family members, finding everything from clothing, purses, to old jewelry.

“We were like, ‘OK’, we have so much extra stuff, what are we going to do with it?'” Alexis said. “And so we were thinking, ‘How can we reach out to the community and make a difference, even the littlest difference?'”

Their grandma, Dixie McAlister, suggested donating to Encoure Boutique, located in Downtown Bakersfield.

“I was very moved with their compassion and them wanting to do something,” McAlister said.

The boutique, owned and operated by the Mission at Kern County, is a training program for people in residential recovery. The girls have donated 10 bags full of items over the last month.

“To have young people start so early to be such an integral part of the community is just amazing, it’s truly amazing,” said Cat Skow who is the director of retail at the Mission at Kern.

They aren’t stopping there. The girls filled the purses they collected with feminine hygiene products and donated them to the Bakersfield Homeless Center.

They said their inspiration to give back came from the quote: “She believed she could, so she did”.

“We’re the youth and there’s not much you can do as little kids, but you can do simple things like getting together as a team and you can donate, you can clean, and if we all just come together, we can make a bigger difference than just us two,” Alexis said.

The girls are offering to clean out anyone’s closet, all they ask is to be able to donate unwanted items to those in need.

Email them at closetdonations@gmail.com.

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