Local artist hoping to inspire the community with “The Butterfly Effect” mural


A local artist is painting murals she hopes will uplift and inspire others in the community.
Artist Aurora Lucielle partnered with Oildale Community Action Team to create a series of murals with the goal of bringing the community together.     

“We’re hoping that it restores hope in Oildale. We’re trying to make a turn around here, inspire people, not just Oildale, but all over Bakersfield.” Aurora said. “The more people that come together, the better change and positivity we will see in this world.”

The first of four paintings is a set of giant butterfly wings titled “The Butterfly Effect.”

“The whole idea is you can stand in front of the butterfly and take a picture,” Aurora said. “There’s a lot of people struggling in the world and if we all come together we can make great change.”

Aurora said the inspiration for the designs inside the wings came from the elements. The top of the left wing is inspired by Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”

“I picked to do it celestial like that to inspire people to reach for the stars,” Aurora said.

Lotus flowers on lily pads are painted on the bottom of the left wing.

“It symbolizes coming out of a dark situation to light,” Aurora said. “So the roots go into the murky waters and then you kind of rise out of that and bloom into a flower.”

Aurora has not finished the right wing yet, but said it will consist of a painting of the Earth and flowers. 

“It’s going to have a quote that says, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’,” Aurora said. “If all of us do stuff to help humanity and be the change there, will be a butterfly effect in the world.”

The other murals planned include a caterpillar, the tree of life, and a wish flower.

She said she plans to have all the paintings done by the middle of August. 

Aurora’s art is available for viewing at you can find them at 501 North Chester Avenue.

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