Kindness Behind the Shield: Shelly Castaneda

Kindness Behind The Shield

What does it mean to serve the public?

If you look up the phrase public servant you probably won’t find what you’re looking for, but if you look at the career of retired Chief Deputy Shelly Castaneda you just might. 

“I’ve always tried to do the best job that I can for the citizens of Kern County and for the employees in the department that I’ve worked with through the years.  I’ve always tried to conduct myself with integrity, compassion, honesty,” said Shelly Castaneda, retired Chief Deputy, Kern County Sheriff’s Office.  

She is driven by a willingness to help, to make a positive impact on others and her desire to serve God.  

“My faith is a very important part of my life and I come to work every day and try to be positive and try to be the hands and feet of Christ.  Hopefully I’ve done him justice and showed his love in the work place,” Castaneda said. 

Castaneda spent nearly three decades with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. 

Each and every day she made our community a safer and better place. 

One of her proudest accomplishments, her efforts to establish a crisis intervention training course 

“Mental illness, as you know, is a really big problem in our community and I grew up seeing my grandmother deal with severe depression and mental illness her entire life so there’s always been a special place in my heart for that cause,” Castaneda said. 

She’s a roll model and mentor for all who worked along side of her. 

“You have to have the will and want to do and work in that position.  I can tell you she’s amazing.  She’s courageous and bold.  She’s a very inspiration person and she’s a strong woman of faith,” said Helen Rosario Rivera, Senior Support Specialist, Kern County Sheriff’s Office. 

She lives her life to serve, serving the Lord and serving our community. 

“To know that I’ve had maybe just a small impact in a small manner, that is just the greatest blessing and really makes my career much more sweet, ” Castaneda said. 

“I know this is just one of the seasons of her life and she’s going to go on and do many more things and God is going to use her so much in everything that she does,” Rivera said. 

Castaneda is certainly remarkbale, she is also a two time breast cancer survivor and an award winning body builder. 

Happy retirement Shelly Castaneda. Thank you for your ‘Kindness Behind the Shield.’

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