Hello Humankindness: Donation allows McKinley choir students to make trip to Knott’s Berry Farm


A generous donation from has helped McKinley Elementary Choir students raise enough money to perform at Knott’s Berry Farm.

The choir students were excited to find out the money was raised to be make the trip and perform at the amusement park next month.

Students hosted a benefit concert on Tuesday in the hopes of raising the $3,000 needed to sing at the performance at the Performance at the Park” next month.

The concert only raised $668 dollars of the $3,000 needed, but former McKinley Elementary School employee stepped up and donated $2,000 to make the choir’s dream possible.

Raji Brar made the donation saying it’s important to give back.

“You never forget where you come from. My parents came here a long time ago. I grew up on the school lunch program, I am these kids, I taught these kids, I love these kids,” she said.

Choir teacher Kenneth Whitchard says Brar’s donation was more than what the school needed allowing them to tuck away money for next year. 

Whitchard also says the trip will be the first out-of-town trip for many of the kids.

The choir will perform on May 26.

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