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GRAND OPENING! Art Gallery and Studio - From New York - Julian Raven Artist

Grand Opening Julian Raven Artist

Julian Raven Artist 2121 Wards Road Lynchburg

The formal opening of Raven's Art Gallery, dedicated to sharing with the public one man's artistic development and lofty artistic objectives.

"Walking into Summer...so uplifting paintings" at Julian Raven Artist 2121 Wards Road.”
— Renee from Northern Ireland
LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Following months of renovations at 2121 Wards Road in Lynchburg, Virginia, British-born and naturalized American citizen, Julian Raven will formally open his art gallery and studio to the public on Saturday, March 25th, from 6-8 PM. Apart from Raven's paintings, you will find a full palette of creative services offered at Julian Raven Artist Gallery and Studio.

Raven, who was born in London, England, and raised in Marbella, Spain, has many years of experience in the entrepreneurial business world, contracting, and the food and drink service industry. His wide fields of expertise in the design, building, and custom finishing of fine furniture and high-end cabinetry, including kitchens, libraries, and one-off pieces, inform many of the creative custom art services he now offers in his new gallery. Fine art commissions and paintings tailored to the art collectors' wishes and needs have become a staple of Raven's work over the last decade. In 2022, Cornell University commissioned a seven-painting series from the artist to be displayed in their executive suites in the Statler Hotel found on the campus of the prestigious university. The artist sold his immersive and over ten-foot landscape 'Elmira' to a collector in Las Vegas through the Los Angeles-based Saatchi Art Gallery online.

A fine art 'heirloom' commission at the end of 2022 served as a driving force to make the over four-hundred-mile move from Elmira, New York, to Lynchburg, Virginia, where the artist and his wife would open their latest location for their art gallery. At the end of 2019 and early 2020, the Ravens had originally moved to Alexandria, Virginia, to open an art studio and gallery, only to have their plans shattered by the Covid 19 pandemic and panic. The collapse of the fledgling enterprise due to mandated shutdowns caused the family to return to New York, where in their warehouse, they eventually were to open another gallery to satisfy the artistic urge.

That opening coincided with the departure of the third child in the summer of 2022 to Liberty University. With all three children attending the same University, the empty nesters, longing for their grown children's company, chose family over everything else and shuttered their New York fledgling venture to take the plunge once again, moving to Lynchburg, Virginia. This decision has led them into the entrepreneurial adventure of the challenging art business world, with faith in God as their surety.

Virginians and those from the surrounding states will get to enjoy Raven's art in Lynchburg and beyond as the artist secures venues for his work in other galleries regionally and regularly has one-man shows in his own gallery. One of the unique services that the new art gallery and professional artist offers are paint parties and specialist art classes. They are unique, since Raven's particular artistic objectives, style, and techniques belong solely to the artist. Raven plans to offer delightful and sophisticated evenings of art that members of the community can experience and participate in by hosting their very own paint party in the gallery. Enjoying an evening of creative expression surrounded by beautiful paintings in a gorgeous art gallery setting is a unique offering that the Julian Raven Artist gallery brings to the city of Lynchburg and beyond.

Raven's work during his foray into political art has not been without controversy, as many stories from prominent news outlets across the country have
covered and featured his journey extensively. From the front page of the Washington Times newspaper to being the feature story in the prestigious Washingtonian Magazine, Raven's civic journey has been well documented. A 2019 Washington Post story features a painting on display in Lynchburg. Also, see Time Magazine here: https://time.com/longform/cpac-2019-conservatives/

Raven's artistic philosophy surrounding his expressionistic work can be found in this artist's statement, "Expressionism Reborn," found on his online website, where visitors can also visit the virtual gallery to sample some of the artist's work.

"The abstract expressionist art movement of the 40s and 50s of the last century, typically associated with artists such as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Willem De Kooning, captured the immediate and innermost expressions of the artists through painting. This painting style allowed the artists to explore their inner emotional world and experiences and pursue immediate, gestural artistic expressions and responses to the perceivable impulses of the human heart, mind, and spirit.

This bold and passionate artistic genre became the vehicle for my own artistic pursuits as a man once lost in darkness and depravity. My transformed inner world experience, having been born again from above, was not some intellectual assent to a religious creed, but a series of transformational experiences that happened when all alone, whether on a mountain in Southern Spain or alone in a room studying the Bible.

These dramatic and life-changing God encounters affected every aspect of my life and have continued to do so over the last three decades. The time came when my artistic gifts and my faith experience would converge to produce reborn expressionistic paintings that reflected my inner world mode of being.

This artistic technique would also continue to develop from my abstract expressionist paintings into post-impressionistic paintings that would reflect my love and awe of the natural world. Meditating on nature, I came to faith in God, having previously been an atheist. Through my art, I speak of that Light.

Nature compels me, driving me to its presence and arresting my attention. These wonders of creation then find their place in my heart as I ponder their magnificence, perfection, and beauty. Once filled with the imagery, off I go with the natural impression seared within, into my studio to express that overwhelming awe and wonder through large, colorful, bold expressionistic paintings that attempt to express the ineffable."

Members of the public are encouraged to attend the gallery's GRAND OPENING on March 25th, between 6-8 PM at 2121 Wards Road, where they can hear directly from the artist at 7:00 PM who plans to give his artist talk and presentation. Please see the video for parking instructions.

Julian Raven
Julian Raven Artist
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