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Leading Patient Advocate Slams AbbVie's Moves to Deny Vital Drugs to Needy Patients

Payer Matrix vows to fight "meritless" lawsuit by $58 billion Pharma giant

MEDIA, Pa., May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Payer Matrix, a patient advocacy company, responded publicly today for the first time since a lawsuit was filed against it by AbbVie, the $58 billion pharmaceutical giant.

"AbbVie's meritless lawsuit is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of what our company does and those we serve: people with very serious and complex illnesses who lack the means to pay for very costly specialty drugs," said Michael Jordan, Chief Business Officer of Payer Matrix. "We will vigorously defend our business and our clients against the scurrilous claims by AbbVie, and use this as an opportunity to demonstrate the tremendous value our advocacy services deliver for the people who depend on these exorbitantly priced medications."

AbbVie's Patient Assistance Program (PAP) provides free or discounted medications to uninsured and underinsured patients who cannot afford the hefty price tag of certain specialty drugs. Payer Matrix serves as a third-party advocate for the plan sponsors and the members they represent, always in full compliance with applicable laws. These plan sponsors include major employers, the largest labor unions in America, and small organizations that might otherwise have to cease operations without patient assistance.

Payer Matrix vows to continue providing services for qualified patients as it fights AbbVie's efforts to malign them and deny much-needed financial assistance to the patients they serve.

"AbbVie exercises complete discretion over which patients it enrolls in its Patient Assistance Program, while Payer Matrix merely simplifies the process for qualified patients to apply for and access financial support through the program – for which AbbVie can claim tax benefits, directly or through its foundation, equal to the fair market value of the drugs provided," Jordan said. "AbbVie has already been systematically blocking assistance to patients in need whose employers work with Payer Matrix, and is now suing us in an effort to confuse the marketplace about our services and reduce the number of needy, qualified patients who receive patient assistance."

"The people who are being hurt the most by AbbVie's exclusionary policies and misguided litigation are often low-income patients with serious illnesses," Jordan said. "Historically, we've worked collaboratively with AbbVie's Patient Assistance Program, and remain hopeful that AbbVie will cease this misguided crusade and go back to working with us to achieve the best outcomes for the patients we serve."

REF: Case no. 1:23-cv-02836

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