Zarif Haque on Why Driving Can Be the Most Rewarding Gig Economy Job

OVERLAND PARK, KS / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2023 / Gig economy jobs are among the fast-growing segment of the job market. While those looking for flexible work arrangements can find good gig work in almost every industry, driving has emerged as one of the most popular for a variety of reasons, and one company, Draiver, a tech driven vehicle transport company powered by a driver marketplace, is working to make it the most rewarding. CEO of his Kansas-based company, Zarif Haque, outlines reasons why driving gigs can provide rewarding work and even better benefits.

Gig Driving Basics
Online food delivery continues to grow and is expected to reach $220 billion by 2025. Gig workers often opt in to driving jobs because it's convenient and flexible, but while this can be an ideal gig for someone who lives in a city or densely populated area, food delivery service jobs can often face long checkout lines and crowded stores, leaving them with less time to make multiple deliveries and earn a higher income. Couple these challenges with driving-related expenses when delivering items, including the use of their own car.

But gig workers now have a better option for driving gigs. Entrepreneur Zarif Haque is not only providing flexibility and convenience traditionally expected with these gigs, he's providing even higher pay and private driving experiences - where drivers transport empty vehicles that don't result in wear and tear on a gig worker's own car.

The New Pros for Gig Driving
Typically, gig drivers must factor in driving-related expenses such as fuel, maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc. - AAA even offers a helpful brochure to help determine the actual cost of driving as a gig job.

"Gig drivers want better - better pay, more support, and even private driving, which can be more enjoyable and safer without passengers," says Zarif Haque. "With benefits like expense reimbursement, flexible hours and less overhead, Draiver's driver contractors experience an elevated gig driver experience. These benefits allow them to earn a real income, without sacrificing safety or incurring high maintenance costs, join an elite network of independent drivers for businesses that need to move cars and trucks."

How to Get Rewarding Driving Gigs
Gig driving apps are the fastest way to explore driving gigs. The Draiver app is easy to use, and allows users to check trips and rates, so drivers can see and understand their earnings before each job. "Driving for Draiver is a more rewarding gig driving experience - it's a perfect fit for retirees and veterans looking for meaningful work, women who may be looking for the increased safety aspects that our private driving opportunities provide, and college students and first responders in need of real flexibility and higher pay. When gig driving is treated as a more professional option with industry-leading benefits, it can easily serve as one of the most highly rewarding gig economy jobs.

About Draiver
Draiver is a leading vehicle delivery company offering best-in-class AI logistics software with a vetted, insured driver marketplace. Draiver currently operates in four countries across North America and Latin America. Clients include global Fleet and Rental Companies, OEMs, Large Automotive Groups, and single location businesses. (

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