California private border crossing to raise money for the hungry

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SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — The Cross Border Xpress expects more than a quarter-million passengers to use its facility through the end of September, and those who run it hope some will be compelled to donate money to help feed the hungry on both sides of the border.

CBX is a privately operated pedestrian crossing that spans the border between San Diego and Tijuana, allowing passengers to come and go from the Tijuana International Airport without having to use a port of entry.

It is partnering with a group called “This Is About Humanity” to raise money.

Yolanda Walther-Meade is the Co-Founder of This is About Humanity. (Salvador Rivera/Border Report)

“Food insecurity is an issue that impacts us all,” said Yolanda Walther-Mead, the group’s co-founder. “No matter what side of the border we find ourselves, it is particularly acute in our sister city of Tijuana … long-time residents and migrants that have arrived.”

“Donor funds will be matched by CBX and our group, multiplying donor dollars, it will be worth three times as much as if they had made a straight donation,” she said.

According to Walther-Meade, they raised tens of thousands of dollars last year in spite of the pandemic.

“We were able to provide 300,000 meals through food distribution centers, food pantries and community centers,” she said.

Jorge Goytortua is the Chief Executive Officer for CBX. (Salvador Rivera/Border Report)

Travelers will be able to add a donation when they buy tickets to use CBX.

“When customers buy tickets through the website or at the counter, they can donate whatever amount they wish to donate,” said Jorge Goytortua, CBX’s C.E.O. “Not only travelers can donate, but also anyone who visits our website.”

According to Goytortua, this is a way for his group to give something back.

“With the success of CBX, and that couldn’t be without the support of the community, we feel honored to be giving back something,” he said.

The period of donation will last through the end of September.

The money raised will be distributed to organizations that feed the needy in both San Diego and Tijuana.

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