BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Two years ago, tragedy brought three grieving mothers together. 

With their unity, the Bakersfield 3 Charity was formed, a group advocating for the search of missing people in Kern County. 

The efforts formed by Jane Parrent, Diane Byrne and Cheryl Holsonbake, the mothers of the Bakersfield 3. 

Since the beginning, the Bakersfield 3 mothers worked tirelessly together, to find justice in the case of their children: Baylee Despot, Micah Holsonbake and James Kulstad. 

Their commitment to finding the bodies of Despot and Holsonbake, reflected in the donation they made to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday. 

The mothers, who spearhead the Bakersfield 3 charity, donated a $17,000 sonar scanning system to the sheriff’s office, all with hopes it might bring closure to other grieving families.

Although two years have passed, the sting from their loss has yet to fade. 

The agony began in March 2018. First, Holsonbake disappeared. Weeks later, Kulstad was killed. Then Despot disappeared, shortly after. 

However, Matthew Queen, the man connected to the Bakersfield 3 case, was charged with murder on Wednesday. 

Although the mothers found some justice, it didn’t take away from what they ultimately lost. 

And with allegations that Despot may have been involved in Holsonbake’s death, the Bakersfield 3 mothers may need each other now, more than ever.