BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Jurors in the trial of Matthew Queen were in the courtroom for only a couple minutes Tuesday as the judge explained he needed to discuss certain matters with attorneys and the trial will resume Wednesday.

Judge Charles. R. Brehmer also said one of the jurors had been in an accident and broke an arm. He replaced the juror with an alternate.

Brehmer did not disclose the matters under discussion.

Queen, 45, began testifying Monday, the first witness called by the defense after prosecutors Eric Smith and Melanie Ayala rested their case.

Prosecutors say Queen, 45 and his ex-girlfriend, Baylee Despot, tortured and killed Micah Holsonbake over a stolen gun in March 2018. They used Vandecasteele’s garage to kill and dismember him, prosecutors have said.

Only Holsonbake’s skull and an arm have been recovered.

Queen is charged with torture and murder in Holsonbake’s death, as well as numerous other offenses, some involving threats to other people, others gun-related charges. It’s alleged he and Holsonbake fabricated AR-style rifles.

Despot disappeared shortly after Holsonbake. She, Holsonbake and James Kulstad became known as the “Bakersfield 3” because they knew each other and either died or went missing within two months. Kulstad’s death is not connected to Queen’s case, police said.