BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — He took the stand and testified he let his friend Matthew Queen use his garage in late March 2018 to question a man about a stolen gun.

The next day, Matthew Tyler Vandecasteele told jurors, there was a large “grease stain” on a shelf in the garage, and Queen asked for help disposing of something.

Vandecasteele said he believed the “something” was a body. Micah Holsonbake, the man allegedly questioned in the garage, disappeared, his arm turning up months later in the Kern River and his skull found last year.

And the grease stain was actually blood, prosecutors say. It tested positive for Holsonbake’s DNA.

Vandecasteele, 35, had been scheduled for sentencing Monday, having fulfilled the terms of a plea deal reached last year in what’s become known as the “Bakersfield 3” case, but it was postponed to May 23 for the preparation of a presentence report by the Kern County Probation Department.

Prosecutors say Vandecasteele’s garage was where Queen, 45, and his then-girlfriend, Baylee Despot, tortured and killed Holsonbake. Queen and Holsonbake fabricated AR-style rifles, and prosecutors say Queen blamed Holsonbake when a handgun belonging to him went missing.

Despot disappeared shortly after Holsonbake. She has not been found.

Holsonbake, Despot and James Kulstad have been named the “Bakersfield 3” because each was killed or went missing within two months. Kulstad’s death is not connected to Queen’s case, police say.

Queen’s trial has entered its third week Monday. Charged with torture, murder and dozens of other offenses, he faces 50 years to life if convicted.