Help Fred Brown find his brothers in arms


Fred Brown served his country proudly during the Vietnam War.

Now he is trying to reconnect with the brothers he fought along side.

“I was real proud to meet the people that I met in the Army. We was all brothers and it don’t matter if you’re Army, Navy, Marines or Airforce. We’re all brothers,” said Fred Brown.

Brown served in the Army’s First Infantry, 266 Chemical Platoon in 1968 and 1969.

“I was real proud to wear that uniform,” Brown said.

While out with the First Calvary doing burn backs, clearing brush that the enemy could hide in, a sniper opened fire.

The tank brown was in began to fire napalm at the enemy soldier, but their tank ignited into flames.

Brown had to roll in mud to put the fire out on his back.

The gunner in the tank with him…

“I still don’t know if the guy lived our died,” Brown said.

50 years later he want’s to know.

Here’s the problem, he doesn’t remember much from that time besides…

“Getting hit. Seeing my buddy burn,” Brown said as he teared up.

Brown said the war took a toll on him and he didn’t think at the time to get pictures with or addresses from the men he fought along side.

“They wasn’t important at that time, but now I look at it and the only personI really hurt was myself,” Brown said.

If Brown can find the men he served with they might be able to help him recieve a Purple Heart.

A military distinction he would like placed on his headstone when he is laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetary.

As we ended our interview I realized his request was about more than the medal.

“I thank you for giving me this interview and I hope I do get friends who call me because I’d really like to see them. Even if I didn’t get the medals and I got to see my friends again alive, that’d be something,” Brown said.

Brown said he remebers serving with a solider with the last name of Anderson, another with the last name Ludwick and another nicknamed “Philly Fool.”

He believes most of the men he served with were from Philadelphia and Kansas.

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