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Heroes & Helmets and Make-A-Wish help dreams come true for children in our community.

Including the wish of a Jordyn Phillips, 7, who loves dragons and dinosaurs and just wanted a chance to forget about her disease for a day and have a little fun.

Jordyn was born with chorinc kidney disease stage 3.

“At four years old she was diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis which FSGS is what we all call it,” said Shannon Phillips, Jordyn’s mother.

Although Jordyn is stable at FSGS stage 3, she is medically fragile.

Doctors, nurses, testing, the hospital are things she is all to familiar with.

“Her nephrologist says once she hits stage 4 she will have to get a premptive kidney transplant,” Phillips said.

Jordyn is a big fan of dinosaurs.

“T-Rex and velociraptor. I love the velociraptor because one of their names are blue and that’s my favorite color,” said Jordyn.

If you didn’t catch on, Jordyn is also a fan of the Jurassic Park movies.

She also likes Harry Potter…because of the fire breathing dragon.

“Dinosaurs and dragons are pretty much the same, just cause dragons have the wings,” Jordyn said.

Not to mention that whole fire breathing part.

Make-A-Wish stepped in to send Jordyn and her family to Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla.

“To go see the dragon on the bank from Harry Potter,” Jordyn said.

“She loves dinosaurs and dragons. Dragons are the closest thing to dinosaurs and she just wanted to see it breathe fire,” Phillps said.

“It just looked cool. It looked cool because it breathed fire,” Jordyn said.

Plus, Jordyn got the opportunity to step into Jurassic Park.

“Yes, we saw my favoirte dinosaur! The velociraptor,” Jordyn said.

“Just the smile on her face. It was ear to ear. Seeing her not have to worry about appointments, getting poked and proded at, she did pretty much whatever she wanted to do. Just seeing her have wishes and dreams beyond the original wish that happened was just amazing. The best thing that I could have ever wished for,” Phillips said.

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