Josiah Valenzuela

Josiah Valenzuela has a passion for local news coverage.

Born and raised in Bakersfield, Josiah boasts a remarkable understanding of local geography and how surrounding communities interact with one another. He is a Senior at Ridgeview High School and began his journey into media during his freshman year of high school.  

Josiah says his passion for journalism ignited as soon as his hands touched a digital camera.

He values the tradition of education and believes excelling in academia prepares individuals to be model citizens who are positively engaged with their community.

He worked as the Media and Athletic Commissioner for his high school’s Associated Student Body, covering various sporting and recreational events across town. He’s been a member of the Information Technology Academy at Ridgeview High for three years, working on web design and media editing with a cohort of fewer than 100 members.

Josiah works to make photography and videography accessible to other students across his campus by providing them with tools and resources to strengthen their interests in the arts, media and technology.

More impressively, Josiah has streamed his own freelance work for the past two years as part of his own independent business. His video coverage across Kern and Los Angeles County has been featured on local news stations and amassed thousands of subscribers and viewers on multiple platforms.

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Instagram: @josiahv_kget

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