Jocelyn Sandusky

Jocelyn Sandusky joined KGET in March 2022.

Jocelyn moved to Bakersfield when she was 11 years old. She grew up in Southwest Bakersfield, but moved to the Northwest in 2016.

Initially, Jocelyn wanted to be an actress and moved to Los Angeles to attend college at USC to study acting. After deciding that the struggling actor life was not for her, she decided to come home to Bakersfield after about two years.

Instead, taking her passion for film and television, Jocelyn decided to major in journalism so she could write TV and film reviews. She attended Bakersfield College and California State University, Bakersfield where she was the features and opinions editor respectively.

Some of Jocelyn’s favorite movies and TV shows include “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Titanic,” “Parasite,” “Ozark,” “Outlander,” and “Dexter.”

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