Jason Kotowski

Jason Kotowski

Jason Kotowski moved from Delaware (the second smallest state) to California (the third largest) in May 2006. He expected to stay in Bakersfield, at the most, three years. It’s been 15 and counting. 

What kept Jason here? No other place he’s lived has the range of wild, unusual, fascinating news that frequently pops up here. As a courts and crime reporter, his days are packed with following the latest homicide or covering murder trials.

Other than chasing down a good story, Jason’s interests include reading (especially mysteries and horror fiction), movies, and food. The latter interest forms the basis of his “Best Eats This Week,” writing about delicious meals in Bakersfield and elsewhere. 

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Email: JasonKotowski@kget.com
Facebook: Jason Kotowski
Twitter: @jkotowskibako
Instagram: @kotowski.jason

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