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The Legend of Wasco: A film about the Wasco Clown

Bakersfield, Calif. - During this spooky time of year we are reminded of one legend that haunted Kern County last year. It was a creepy clown that caught the attention of news agencies nationwide putting the small town of Wasco on the map. 
Last year we broke the story of a clown whose freaky antics scared the community all to find out it was just a photography project. Now Viva Pictures, a movie production company based in Los Angeles, have transformed the tale into a horror feature film. 
The film's executive producer, Victor Elizalde, says Wasco's eerie history intertwined with the Wasco clown was perfect for a  ghoulish screenplay. "It's our fictional adaptation of what we think happened back then and what is happening now," said Elizalde. 
It's called The Legend of Wasco. Elizalde says none of the movie was actually shot in Wasco. It is a plethora of creepy clowns which Elizalde thinks could make Wasco the next Area 51. "The Wasco clown is going to put Wasco on the map and I think the tourism business could explode," said Elizalde. 
The Legend of Wasco is scheduled to be released this year in mid-December and playing at Maya Cinemas. Viva Pictures plans on advertising the movie by placing people dressed in creepy clown costumes in busy areas holding signs with #Wasco. "I think this could be a very special place not just every Halloween but throughout the year," said Elizalde. 

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