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Some dogs seized from Tehachapi home moving to Southern California shelters

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Some of the dogs seized from a Tehachapi man who was hoarding dozens of dogs will be sent to other shelters.

Zach Skow with Marley's Mutts said some of those dogs seized from Allen Lee's home will be sent to shelters in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, while others will be used for the prison program at California City Correctional Center.

The goal of the California City program is to get the dogs ready for adoption and help inmates rehabilitate to get ready to head back into society.

Skow says there are still lots of dogs at the shelter that need help, especially by being fostered.

"When you bring in that volume of dogs is the dogs that are already (in shelters) are in danger of being euthanized simply for space," Skow said. 

"Those 150 dogs need help as it is, so we're looking to advocate for the dogs that already exist here and we're looking to advocate for these 150 very shut down, almost feral dogs that were part of this hoarding situation."

All of the dogs seized from Allen Lee's home have been sent to shelters in Mojave, Lake Isabella and Bakersfield.

Skow says he's headed to Mojave Tuesday and try to help there.

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