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New California laws for 2018

BAKERSFIELD, Calif - The start of the new year means passed legislation becomes law in California.

These are a few of the laws you should be aware of starting Jan. 1.

Walking in a crosswalk
In 2018, you won't get ticketed for crossing the street when the red hand flashes on the signal.

As long as a countdown timer appears with the signal, you're OK to cross the street at the crosswalk. Otherwise, you can be fined as much as $200.

Family leave
A new state law will give employees at small businesses up to 12 weeks of job protected leave to care for a newborn or a newly adopted child.

Employees at larger companies -- with at least 50 employees -- already have this benefit.

A second law expands wage replacement benefits for employees caring for a newborn or sick family member.

Benefits would be payable for up to six weeks and the time off can be spread out over a one-year period.

Minimum wage
Minimum wage goes up 50 cents on Jan. 1 to $11 an hour for businesses with 26 or more employees while the minimum wage rises to $10.50 an hour for businesses with 25 employees or less.

The 2018 rise is part of a larger gradual rise to a $15 minimum wage by 2023.

Free rides home if you're impaired
Under Assembly Bill 711 alcohol manufacturers and sellers can provide discounted fares or even free rides on taxis or ridehailing services like Uber or Lyft.

NBC San Diego has more on the new law.

Starting in 2018, it will be illegal to smoke marijuana while driving or riding as a passenger in a vehicle.

Ammunition restrictions
Starting Jan. 1, you can't have ammunition delivered to your home and you must purchase ammunition from a federally licensed seller.

More information at this link.

Concealed carry weapons on school campuses banned
Assembly Bill 424 ends a provision of previous legislation allowing people with concealed carry weapons permits to carry a firearm on school campuses with the school district's permission.

KHSD informed people with CCW permits they won't be allowed to bring their firearms to campus Monday, Jan. 1. 

Bus seatbelts
Passengers on commercial or charter buses equipped with seat belts will be required to use them.

Employment application
Under new state laws, employers can no longer ask about or consider your prior criminal history or ask you about your previous salary history when applying for a job.

DMV registration fees
Starting Jan. 1, you'll pay a little more when registering your vehicle with the state. 

The New Transportation Improvement Fee will tack on $25 to $175 to registrations to pay for road repairs in the state.

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